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30 Internships at 30 Hot Startups:
No Cover Letters Allowed

Today, Looksharp.com is launching a campaign to disrupt the traditional application process. We are opening up applications for internships at 30 of the most interesting, fast moving, and highly regarded Silicon Valley startup companies but with one caveat: NO COVER LETTERS ALLOWED. Instead these companies are seeking applicants who leverage social media to share why their personality and skills are the right fit for one of these companies.

Follow these four steps to apply:

  • Select: Find a company in the list below that interests you!
  • Build: Use Social Media to create your version of a 21st century cover letter. This could be writing a blog post about why working at xyz Startup would be a perfect fit. This could be creating a video that shares an engineering product you made. It could be asking a question on Quora about why you would be a great intern and getting friends and TAs to write answers. It could be playing off of a funny video meme using Xtranormal.com . It can be serious, it can be funny, but as long as it gives you a voice and says why you would be a great fit for a startup (exactly what a cover letter should do) it will go up on website and be sent on to the companies you want to apply to.

    Need Inspiration — see examples here!
  • Apply: Get us a link to your application any way possible. You can submit it here , using a link instead of a cover letter. You can leave a comment on our blog. Or you can tweet at us with something like, "Check out my creative internship application for @[companyyouareapplyingto] here! @internmatch #killthecoverletter"
  • Have Fun! Applying for internships shouldn't be a dry painful process, all these startups are places that work hard, but also have a fun culture.


  • TeachStreet — Marketing
    TeachStreet helps people find great classes, courses, teachers, and instructors who help them learn new things. Led by former Amazon exec Dave Schappell, the company is based in Seattle and is growing quickly. TeachStreet hosts an inter-office learn something new day every Friday.
  • SlideShare — Engineering
    SlideShare is a community for sharing presentations. With over 45 million users visiting the site every month, and a small team based in SF, Slideshare is making it easier than ever for anyone to find presentations on their topic of interest.


  • MotionMath — Business and Engineering
    Motion Math is pioneering movement-based learning games for mobile devices, games which connect the physical to the intellectual. Supported by top Silicon Valley investors Mitch Kapor and Dave McClure.
  • Punchd
    Punchd is creating loyalty cards for your iphone so you never have to worry about carrying buy 10 get 1 free cards in your wallet again. Funded by some of the best investors in the valley, Punchd is growing quickly.
  • misoMedia — Business and Engineering
    misoMedia is a Los Angeles, CA-based developer of a mobile applications which specialize in Music Education. Miso Music for iOS provides users with an innovative approach to learning Guitar, ‘Ukulele, Bass, 5-String Bass, Banjo, Tenor Banjo and Mandolin. Its patented tablature learning system uses note detection technology that listens for the correct note and delivers real time feedback.
  • Appstores — Engineering
    Appstores is an easy way to create your own app store. It offers white label app galleries, community management tools, and easy ways to show your developers love.
  • Lightbox — Business and Engineering (London)
    Lightbox is based in London and taking smart phones to the next level through photo sharing and social applications. Lightbox was founded by Thai Tran and Nilesh Patel, a team with years of experience building successful consumer internet and mobile products. Thai was previously Product Manager of YouTube & Google Maps and sold his first startup to Yahoo! in 2000. Nilesh previously ran AddictiveDroid, a leading Android consulting firm in London. Lightbox is backed by several of the world's top technology investors, including Accel Partners, Index Ventures, SV Angel(David Lee & Ron Conway), and 500 Startups (Dave McClure).
  • Zappli — Engineering
    Zappli is the world’s most comprehensive mobile social shopping solution and the first to combine the ability to find product information, reviews, and prices for millions of products with the ability to connect and ask friends in real-time for shopping advice. Zappli has raised over half a million dollars from investors including Andy Sack and Dave McClure.
  • Evoz — Marketing
    The baby monitor has evolved. Evo captures crying & sleep data to create a personalized, remote online parenting experience. Evo tells parents how their child is sleeping/crying/eating compared to other babies their age. Based on the specific insights parents are connected with relevant information & direct contact to the right child raising professionals.


  • Ninua
    Ninua builds social applications around news, blogs, and social media. Our app, Ninua, is the largest blog and news app on Facebook, with over 700,000 bloggers signed on board and 1,000s joining every day.
  • Appbistro — Engineering
    Appbistro is an application marketplace for Facebook pages. At Appbistro, page administrators can quickly find applications that they can easily plug into their pages and quickly increase the engagement and reach of their pages. They have been featured multiple times in TechCrunch and are now the leading Community Page resource on the Facebook platform.
  • Crave — Business and Engineering
    Crave is an online community for hobbyists. Right now we have the largest social marketplace for transformers, with a large and active group of buyers, sellers, and enthusiasts. We will be launching many new communities soon.
  • Baydin — Business and Engineering
    Baydin is reinventing email. Baydin just got featured in TechCrunch after raising an angel round from a number of top Silicon Valley investors. Their first product Boomerang already has already been used on millions of email interactions and their newest product goes along way in making email fun.
  • Visual.ly — Business
    Visual.ly is a platform for media companies to create and publish high quality inforgraphic materials that better engage readers. Led by four former Mint.com founders and employees, this is an elite team that is revolutionizing the media industry and has some of the best in house design teams in the country.
  • Garmz — Business (London)
    Garmz is revolutionizing the fashion industry, enabling any fashion designer to create, promote, and sell their products to a large audience online. Steadily growing since 2008, the immediate team of Garmz consists of 10 people, gathered from 5 countries, combining a vast field of talents, from fashion to technical product design.

Online Services

  • Twilio
    Twilio offers developers a powerful API for phone services to make and receive phone calls, and send and receive text messages.Twilio is one of the fastest growing companies in the Bay area, led by Jeff Lawson (former StubHub founder) and having been featured in the NYT, TechCrunch and just about everywhere in between.
  • GazeHawk — Engineering
    GazeHawk is a Y Combinator-funded company that provides eye tracking services using ordinary webcams. Gazehawk’s eye tracking technology is viewed as revolutionary, using ordinary web cams to perform a service that traditionally costs thousands of dollars.
  • Ginzametrics — Business and Engineering
    Ginzametrics is a subscription-based Search Engine Optimization (SEO) management and analytics dashboard. Created by Ray Grieselhuber to bring the power of enterprise search marketing platforms to a wider market. Ginzametrics already works with some of the largest companies in both Japan and the United States.
  • myGengo — Engineering
    myGengo is the Mechanical Turk for translation: A platform and API for human translation at huge scale, with a network of over 2,500 qualified translators worldwide. myGengo translates thousands of texts every day, in 14 languages, for ECommerce, media, and business communications.
  • Tello — Business and Engineering
    Tello is committed to helping companies improve customer service by providing real-time insight into the customer experience. With Tello’s mobile and social applications in hand, people everywhere can express their satisfaction with recent experiences and purchases.
  • Formative Labs — Business and Engineering
    Formative Labs is hot new green startup that is building engaging and social experiences that motivate consumers to improve energy consumption habits. While the supply of new forms of energy is important,decreasing demand is the most cost-effective and efficient solution.
  • ERPLY — Business
    ERPLY is an international provider of commercial retail inventory and e-commerce software that handles data across physical shops, online stores and warehouses, while at the same time providing real-time dashboards with relevant data. ERPLY processes over a million sales transactions a month and has offices in New York, London and Tallinn.
  • SayGent
    SayHired uses advanced phone automation technology to provide a number of services to enterprise customers: employee and customer surveying, candidate screening and more. Founded by two serial entrepreneurs with a track record for selling companies, SayHired’s clients already include Huertz, Esurance, Great Clips, and more.
  • Wednesdays
    Wednesdays is a platform that helps employees connect and engage over lunch. Wednesdays is founded by two ex-PayPal employees PayPal's developer who build their innovative checkout system which powers over 60% of their current revenues.
  • Coder_buddy
    CoderBuddy — Business and Engineering
    CoderBuddy lets you create and publish applications to the Google App Engine quickly and easily. Led by an elite team of coders, our goal is to help make software development faster, better, cheaper, and well... different!
  • Vurve
    Vurve — Engineering
    Vurve is online advertising on autopilot for your online store. Vurve has raised $6 million dollars from Spark (the biggest investors in Twitter), True Ventures (first investors in Wordpress and Meebo) and 500 Startups - they *only* work with small businesses and help make them successful.
  • Fee Fighters — Engineering and Business
    FeeFighters helps business owners reduce credit card processing fees and is led by an expert team of entrepreneurs. Fee Fighters has already saved companies over $50,000,000 of dollars and has been featured in Fortune, The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Bloomberg and more.
  • Jexy — Engineering
    Jexy helps solve API integration and is founded by one of the valley’s most prolific technical founders, Clay Loveless. Prior to building Jexy, he worked at Feedster and Mashery. The team offers a wealth of technical experience to anyone who comes on board.
  • homeboodle — Business and Engineering
    Both Holed up deep in the heart of San Francisco's SOMA district, Homeboodle is working hard to solve numerous challenges that currently face buyers, sellers and other stakeholders in the $1.4 trillion real-estate space. We are funded by the best investors in the Bay Area, including Ron Conway, Dave McClure, Chris Dixon, Keith Rabois, and more.
  • Inporia
    Inporia — Engineering
    Inporia is an online shopping concierge that helps shoppers find sales and deals from top brands. Inporia is led by Ryan Junee, a 500 startups mentor, who sold his last company to Google and is an expert in fashion and online video.
  • BackType — Engineering
    BackType has built the most powerful system in the world to analyze social data. They power social features for over 100 companies including The New York Times, SlideShare, Automattic (creators of WordPress), Bitly and more. They have been featured in press all over the world from LifeHacker to DowJones and the Washington Post.
  • Estately
    Estately is a Seattle-based team of geeks taking on the $50 billion real estate industry. We have the most comprehensive index of homes for sale, from trailers priced below $20,000 to mansions priced over $100 million, and every home in between.

Shadow Dave McClure

  • Shadow Dave McClure
    Shadowing Dave McClure is a once in a lifetime experience. Dave is a venture capitalist and founding partner at 500 Startups, an internet startup seed fund & incubator program headquartered in Mountain View, CA. Dave has been geeking out in Silicon Valley for over twenty years as a software developer, entrepreneur, startup advisor & investor, blogger, and internet marketing nerd. He is widely known as one of the most influential figures in the space mostly for his focus on helping entrepreneurs succeed.
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