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Helping Employers

Looksharp partners with employers large and small. For most employers, the process of finding quality interns can be difficult and resource-intensive. We believe that every company should have a platform through which they can put their best foot forward for students, showcasing the aspects of their culture that make them unique from everywhere else.

Nonprofits and Social Enterprises can use Looksharp to bring on talent that will do more than is possible through ad-hoc volunteering. Whether in designing a new website, managing a marketing campaign, or helping organize the books, interns can make a lasting impact by leveraging their skills over a sustained time period. Similarly, small businesses can benefit tremendously from delegating responsibility to ambitious students who are eager to gain experience.

We believe in playing a leading, progressive role in educating employers on the fair treatment of interns in the workplace. We advocate for paid internships because unpaid internships perpetuate a system of inequality where only those that can afford to work without pay have access to the best career-building opportunities. Furthermore, paid internships lead to better talent, higher productivity, greater likelihood of full-time conversion, and provide adequate protections for interns in the workplace.

Helping Students

For Students, internships are more critical than ever before in the process of transitioning from the academic to professional world. The process of finding a good internship can be frustrating and enormously time-intensive. For most students, existing resources fail to adequately provide either a sufficient number of opportunities or any real diversity of choice. In order to find an internship, many students find themselves juggling a number of ineffective resources. Looksharp aims to create a single destination with the most high quality internships available anywhere in the world. We believe in keeping Looksharp completely free for students so we can help even the playing field.

We believe that Looksharp can be an advocate for the fair treatment of interns and can play a powerful role in educating interns on their legal rights in the workplace.

Students who want to make a positive impact on the world will find that Looksharp allows them to combine social responsibility with career-building. We work hard to partner with world-changing organizations in order to strengthen the connection between talented `tudents and social responsibility.

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