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What Looksharp Does

Looksharp is an online ecosystem committed entirely to internships.
We've built our platform with three main areas of focus in mind:
  • On Looksharp, students discover amazing internship opportunities they would have never otherwise considered. With our Company Profiles, students can go way beyond reading text listings to learn about the real culture of companies that pique their interest. Employers can showcase brand across distinct departments, expand meaningful reach to hundreds of colleges, and build a year-round pipeline for their internship programs.
  • We’ve built an evolving library of resources and tools dedicated to helping students and employers maximize the benefits of internships. Students can access tools for resume creation, internship preparation, and more. Employers can access resources that help with intern management, program development and advice on compensation. We will work continuously to build out our resources because we recognize that access to opportunities or prospective interns is only part of the solution.
  • We’ve developed a powerful support structure for connecting students with socially responsible positions – especially at nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit organizations provide the foundation for our communities and more so than ever, students recognize the value in experiential learning that combines positive social impact with career building. We also believe strongly in providing free and equal access to internships for all students, regardless of socio-economic status.
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