3-Steps For Gaining The Perfect Mentor

Every successful person I know has had at least one mentor. I attribute much of my own success to having a mentor, which is why I now mentor many people around the world; repeating the process of student evolution to teacher contribution. So here are 3-steps for gaining the perfect mentor for you.

1. Identify ideal mentor profile

The first step to finding your perfect mentor is to identify what he or she looks like. Just like in business, you want to identify your ideal client profile so you can target and craft your message so it’s delivered like a bulls eye. You want to identify who your ideal mentor is so you can increase the likelihood of getting exactly what you want. Ask questions like, “What are the personality and value traits I want them to have?” “Where can I find mentors that fit my ideal mentor profile and how can I get in touch with them?”

2. Effective ways to reach out – add value

I have been able to get many of my mentors either by reaching out to their assistant through email, and getting their assistant to put me in touch with them, or I’ll have them forward my email to the mentor I want to be in touch with. Another really effective approach is to either get an introduction some how if you know anyone whose associated with the person/mentor you want OR go to events where the mentor will be speaking or presenting or attending and go talk to them. I have been able to get so many of my mentors just by approaching them in the hall way at an event, after they speak, they walk off stage and leave out the back or the hall way, your job is to be waiting their for them with some value to add. Quickly articulate who you are, what you do, and then focus on how you’d like to add value to them and learn from them.

3. Identify outcomes and value exchange

Third, identify what the outcomes of your relationship will entail. Tell your mentor you’d just like to email them a few times a month with some questions. Slowly develop your relationship. Just like you wouldn’t tell someone you like “Let’s get married” on the first date. Don’t tell your prospective mentor, you want to be their best friend and student protege right off the bat. Just say you’d like to learn from them, and be able to emulate their success. Be very gentle and appreciative with your approach, and always find out how you can add value to the mentor. NEVER! I repeat, NEVER come with your hands open for the taking. Always add value first. Givers always get more.

Follow these 3-steps and go get yourself the perfect mentor!  Here WE GROW!
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Mark Lack

Mark Lack is the Founder and CEO of The Peak Performance Club, which is The Nation’s Preeminent Coaching Company for Young Adults and Young Entrepreneurs. Mark is an author, speaker, and peak-performance coach who specializes in helping people overcome their fears, self-doubts, and perceived limitations holding them back from making their life a masterpiece.

Having invested over $500,000 in his own personal and professional growth, today Mark shares his strategies and proven success process to help young adults and young entrepreneurs achieve their full potential in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

Mark is the author of the book SHORTEN THE GAP – Shortcuts to Success and Happiness, which has been endorsed by world renowned experts in the personal development industry.