4 Ways to Beat the Job Search Blues

So you’re staring at your laptop screen, eyes glazed over as you peruse yet another job announcement. You pull yourself out of a daze and muster up just enough energy to draft a carefully worded resume and cover letter, tailored specifically for this job. You let out a sigh of hopelessness as you hit the send button, wondering if the powers that are in cyberspace will get your application materials through to the right people. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s time to take a step back and beat the job search blues.

Try something new
If your current job search strategy hasn’t been working, try something new and different by exploring creative ways to get noticed. I recently heard a story of a job seeker who sent a cake to target company topped with a picture of a QR code linking to her LinkedIn profile. Instead of business cards, one job seeker handed out highlighters with her contact information on them during an interview at a digital advertising firm. Get your creative juices flowing and ask yourself, “What’s the worst that can happen if I try this strategy?”

Join or create a job search group
Job search groups are a great place to exchange information, stories, and strategies. It’s easy to feel lonely in the job search process so it may be helpful to join a group of people who can understand you’re situation.  Don’t know of any groups? Consider starting one! After all, this is a good time to dedicate your time to something meaningful and show off those leadership skills.

Get support from your career center
Your college career center is there to support you in your job search and can provide a safe space for venting. A career counselor can help you organize your job search, brainstorm strategies, and provide the motivation and encouragement you’ll need to move forward with your search.

Take a Break
You’ve probably heard people say that your job search should be like a full-time job. This is true. But realize that most people with full-time jobs take many “unscheduled” breaks such as socializing with colleagues, perusing Facebook or checking out the cool, new coffee vendor. Being at your computer all day will actually decrease your productivity. Set aside time for your job search and allow yourself to take breaks and reenergize.

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Neepa Parikh

Neepa Parikh is the Director in the Office of Career Planning at Golden Gate University and has been providing career counseling to students at various stages in their career development for over five years. When she’s not at work, you can find her at Zumba, comedy shows, karaoke spots, practicing her Spanish at Meetup groups and enjoying the many fun festivals and fairs in San Francisco.