5 Reasons To #JOINPURINA

There is a lengthy list of “purrrr-ks” of working at Purina, but if we must pick the top five reasons to join us (and love us), it boils down to this:

  1. We’re a market leader both on and off the shelf.

    In the U.S., Nestlé Purina is the No. 1 pet care company in sales, volume and market share and, as of December 2013, we have achieved 10 consecutive years of improved sales and profit. Having over 500 scientists on our team devoted to providing the expertise behind pet health and nutrition, we do what we do better than anyone else.

  2. We’re consistently ranked a ‘Best Place to Work’.

    In the top rankings by Glassdoor, the St. Louis Business Journal, St. Louis Post Dispatch and various other organizations, we’ve proven to be a place where our associates not only love to work, but where they choose to stay. Today, 43% of our associate body has remained with our company for 10+ years.

  3. We invest in our people just as much as we invest in our ideas.

    We offer tuition reimbursement, opportunities for global experiences and, most importantly, the support for our associates to pursue their passions both in and out of the workplace. Meet some of our associates and discover their unique interests.

  4. Our associates can bring their dogs and cats to work…every day.

    Not only are associates at the St. Louis Headquarters privileged to bring their dogs and cats to work, we’ve also started a global movement to help other companies become pet-friendly environments, too. Our pets are very much a part of our Purina Family – they share our office spaces, are often walked and taken to our dog park (which we call “The Barkyard”) and they inspire us each day to do better and be better.  

  5. Civic responsibility and corporate sustainability are central to our mission.

    Although we make pet food, we have always been about our people and the people within our surrounding communities. We have an unconditional commitment to helping pets and the people who love them – donating food and funds and volunteer hours, in the millions, every year. And while we continue to live and breathe for the people and pets that we serve, we place it a priority to live more closely within the boundaries of nature by honoring sustainability practices. Click here to learn more about how Purina is reducing its carbon ‘pawprint’.

Does Purina sound like a company you want to join? Check out this Google Hangout we recently did, in partnership with InternMatch, to help students and recent grads find out if our internships and entry-level positions might be a good fit for them. Now, see if they could be a good fit for you, too! Click here to watch the recorded hangout for an insider’s look at being a Nestlé Purina intern or Management Trainee.

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Zoe Schiffer