5 Simple Interview Tips

An interview is the most important part of the job process.

If someone is willing to put aside time to meet with you in person over someone else, you need to make the time you spent together valuable. Don’t stress over interviews, but make sure you take all the necessary precautions.

You can only prepare so much, but don’t let yourself forget the little things:

1. Make sure your mouth is moist before your interview

One of the worst things to experience during an interview is dry mouth and you’re unable to talk about talk about your best qualities. Always make sure you carry gum or water with you.

My tip is to pop a Listerine Breath Strip in and then chew gum. The breath strip freshens your breath longer and the gum keeps in moist. Water typically dries out your mouth, but provides instant hydration if you do experience dry mouth during your interview.

Don’t forget to spit your gum out before you interview though! Chewing anything is a major faux pas.

2. Always bring a copy of your resume

This may seem like a simple tip, but I’ve seen it happen before. You email or submit your resume to the interviewer ahead of time, but that’s no guarantee that they will print it out or have a hard copy of it in front of them.

You will feel and most importantly look so prepared and organized if you have multiple copies with you.

3. Bring your own pen and notebook

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but you should always carry something to write with and something to write on. Don’t splurge on a fancy Moleskin journal and fountain pen, but don’t use a napkin and take-out pen. You never know if you need to write something down in the middle of the interview.

It looks good to take notes also, but don’t take notes verbatim. Actually listen to what the interviewer is saying and jot down the most important parts to remember.

4. Always follow-up 

The best way to show you care and truly want the internship is to be persistent and show them that you want the internship. An email is nice, but calling is even better. Express how you appreciate them taking the time to meet you and how much this opportunity would mean to you.

5. Wear one thing that represents you and your personality

This serves as a great conversation starter piece. Wear something that isn’t too flashy, but shows how you are an individual and separates you from everyone else. This becomes an advantage for you to reference to.

For example, if you completed a mission trip and it is on your resume, wear a piece of jewelry from that country or something that reminds you of it. It will show how much you valued that experience and you take advantage of every opportunity you have. This object will give you personality next to all the others in black, gray, navy, or white.

Have fun during your interview! This is the part of the process where you show yourself off and prove what you can offer your potential new employer. Show the best parts of yourself and work your hardest. That’s all you can ever do, make the interview yours and make yourself memorable.


About the Author:

Emily Kong is currently a journalism student with a passion for writing, art, fashion, and cooking. She aspires to be a magazine writer someday and has the city life in her sights. In between city hopping, Kong writes for other publications, her WordPress, and little 140 character quirks on Twitter.

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Emily Kong

Emily Kong is a self-proclaimed foodie, to-do list fanatic, coffee obsessed writer and feminist. She spends her time sipping coffee, devouring novels, and dreaming of adventures. In between city hopping, Kong writes for other publications, her  WordPress, and little 140 character quirks on  Twitter.