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5 Steps to Secure a Fall Internship


Its that time of year again. The midway through summer moment when you have to start thinking about how you are going to get a schedule without class on Fridays and, more importantly, when you are going to secure a fall internship. This week we’re here to answer all your questions about how and when to start looking for fall semester work. Be sure to post questions in the comments section below if there’s anything we’ve missed!

  1. Prime Your Resume. If you have an internship right now, be sure to add it to your resume and LinkedIn profile before applying. If you didn’t have an internship over summer you should have a compelling story detailing what you were doing. Think “volunteer vacation in Costa Rica” not “acid trip at Outside Lands.”
  2. Get the Letter of Rec. Start looking at what companies you’ll be applying to for a fall internship, and whether or not they require a letter a rec. If they do, ask your employer now if they would write you one, or if you can put them down as a reference. If they’re unsure what to write, give them this template. And if you don’t have an employer or manager to ask, try emailing a professor or TA instead.
  3. Clean Up Your Social Media. It’s easy to forget about what is appropriate to have on your instagram and twitter accounts during summer. Be sure to delete any inappropriate pictures or tweets before applying, you don’t want to get rejected from a fall internship simply because you were partying in your profile picture.
  4. Have a Clear Idea of Your Availability. Most students can take on about 15-20 hours of internship work a week with a 12-15-unit course load. Be realistic about your workload and class schedule. The worst thing to do is to accept a job and then get overwhelmed and quit halfway through the semester. Factor in time for extracurriculars, midterms, and finals, and let companies know ahead of time how long you’ll be gone for thanksgiving and winter break.
  5. Apply Early. Although many companies continue accepting applications well into August, get started early. Even the best resume can get lost in the shuffle if it’s submitted late or as a last minute afterthought.

Now if your resume is up to date and you’re ready to apply, we have a few positions ready to help you get started!

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    I’m gay, can I still get an internship?

    • Joe John

      thats a stupid question. homosexuals are the least desirable employee
      candidates, right after convicted felons, prostitutes with down
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      not a gay prostitute who’s been recently released from jail and also happens to be named justin beiber, otherwise youre just shit out of luck