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5 Titles Every Business Student Should Binge-Watch This Break

  1. Something Ventured–Netflix–Documentary

(If you’re interested in…venture capital)

This 85-minute documentary takes a look at how venture capitalists have helped shape some of the biggest companies in the world like Apple, Intel, and Cisco. It’s an interesting discussion of how these business risk-takers helped make the startup culture possible in America. Speaking of startups…


  1. Silicon Valley–HBO–TV Show

(If you’re interested in…startups)

Silicon Valley stars Thomas Middleditch as a programmer who finds himself in the middle of a tech media whirlwind after he debuts his new algorithm. The show follows the birth of his tech startup and beyond in a hilarious take on what it means to be a startup in Silicon Valley. It’s clear the writers get it because much of the humor is eerily spot on.


  1. Steve Jobs: One Last Thing­–Netflix–Documentary

(If you’re interested in…marketing)

There’s no shortage of talk about Steve Jobs these days. If you aren’t already burned out from watching Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs (2015) and Joshua Michael Stern’s 2013 film, Jobs, then take a look at the PBS documentary, Steve Jobs: One Last Thing, on Netflix. It’s only 55 minutes, proves the importance of great marketing, and doesn’t require you to leave your bed.


  1. Shark Tank–ABC–TV Show

(If you’re interested in…entrepreneurship)

Shark Tank is an ABC show about entrepreneurs who pitch their products and businesses to a panel of sharks, or wealthy investors. It is a reality show so expect tears, yelling, and dramatic music synched with endless eye contact. But it is also educational to study what makes an impressive pitch, product, and business model, and who walks away with a deal.


  1. The Newsroom–HBO–TV Show

(If you’re interested in…politics and journalism)

The Newsroom is an HBO show created by Aaron Sorkin who wrote The Social Network, Moneyball, and Steve Jobs, which are all great business-related films as well. The show follows a cable news network anchor (Jeff Daniels) and his news team as they struggle against ethical, political and corporate problems. It may be about broadcast news but its lessons are useful for anyone planning to work in a corporate setting.

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