5 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Irresistible

LinkedIn remains the social networking site that most baffles Gen Y, and that’s to be expected: optimizing your LinkedIn profile means that you’re thinking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and personal branding, two concerns that don’t always factor into your Facebook update or lunch break tweet.


Luckily for you, Social@Ogilvy has created 5 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Irresistible, an infographic that makes sure you’ve covered the bases for recruiters and employers to approach you. Are you scattering keywords into your profile? Good. Are you calling yourself a “guru” or “ninja” in your headline? Not so much. Are you linking to your profile on your resume, and if so, are you using the correct, shortened URL? Have we made you anxious about your LinkedIn presence now? Relax. We have the resources to sort you out.

Read the full post on Social@Ogilvy! 

Bonus tip: The creator of this infographic, Nando Rodriguez, has teamed up with Charlene Narcelles to bring you InterviewingU, a new student site full of resources, tips, and workshops for job seekers. Check it out!

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Jenny Xie