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A Lesson in Timing: When and Where to Approach Recruiters

Is every occasion a networking opportunity waiting to happen, or rather should it be?

Being a Hiring Manager, or just someone in the hot field or company of the moment must feel like being a choice chunk of meat with hungry job seekers ready to pounce. Imagine the mounds of emails from perfect strangers, and the over eager applicants ready to interrupt your mad dash out of the office.

An alumni speaking at my school’s annual career conference recalled the anxiety she felt when emails came in at the end of her work day. She would hurriedly check her computer thinking there was one last important task till the day’s work was complete, only to be confronted with an although well intentioned and enthusiastic, badly timed email from a student looking for an introduction. Although she didn’t say so, in my mind that kind of build-up couldn’t be favorable.

To complicate the matter further, I once had a Journalism professor that advised us against conducting business, such as pitching to editors and agents, on Mondays or Fridays and never after 3; It was all a matter of considering where the person you hope to get in contact with might be focusing. On Monday, work is starting to file in and your week is being planned out, while on Friday you are ready to run out the door. Well as for after 3 pm, not only does your productivity decrease after lunch, but again you’re  probably trying to finish up for the day.

Of course it’s not an exact science, but it boils down to being courteous. People in high places know that others want thing from them. If you are up against tens of other jobseekers, industrious enough to direct an email at a hiring manager do you really want to luck out just because of timing? That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make your move, just consider when; there is a time for everything.

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Anna Gray

Anna is an English student at CUNY, and has written for and Twice Magazine. She has a degree in Journalism and is currently working on one in English. She is a hoarder of books and lover of food, and wishes reality hadn’t dashed her dreams of being a well-paid travel writer. One day she hopes to get a position that combines all three, and she’s here to share her progress with you- from internship to beyond.