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Library Birthday Cupcakes!In preparation for InternMatch’s Internship Google+ Hangout last spring, we asked students if they had the chance to talk with a hiring executive from a leading company, what secrets would they want to know about the internship hiring process.

We were showered with questions but most revolved around five key topics, each individually important, and in total make up the core of a successful internship search.

These five topics include:

  1. Mastering the resume!
    How to stand out with your resume, what to include on your resume, and how to effectively tell your story through your resume content.
  2. How to nail the interview.
    How to showcase your personality through your answers while demonstrating your overall knowledge and experience or class projects.
  3. Does GPA matter?
    Do hiring managers really care about GPA and what else do they consider when reviewing internship applications.
  4. The secret to networking in person.
    What really are the secrets to networking, how to find networking opportunities and build relationships during those opportunities.
  5. Benefits of networking through social media.
    Which online platforms should a student be using and how to go about using those online mediums for networking.

These five topics tend to be on every students mind, so it was a truly unique opportunity to get to ask them directly to HR execs who actually hire interns! We pulled the answers from the Google, Ashoka,, and SiriusXM Radio presentations and compiled them into short videos summaries that answer all the questions students might have on each of the topics.

The Resume and Telling Your Story: featuring Google, SiriusXM Radio, and Ashoka

Nailing the Interview: featuring and Google

GPA vs Intangibles: What Really Matters?: featuring Google and Ashoka

The Art of Networking Offline: featuring Google

Using Social Media to Network Online: featuring Nestle Purina and Google

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