What You Can Learn From Those Bad Interviews

So you didn’t get the job. You made a fool out of yourself and you’re certain that CEO just thought you were insane with your consistent rambles. So what. Yes, so what. As collegiates, we need to know that one, maybe even a handful of unsuccessful interviews are not the end all be all of our careers. We have futures, bright shining futures. Success is all in how we handle failures and all other unfortunate events. Take in stride that shameful interview and let it better you, not break you.

A whole lot can be learned from your mistakes. For example, you learn what not to do, what you are comfortable with and you learn where you need improvements. All of which are positive things! These positive things all adding up to a list of things you can apply to your next adventure in the interview process. Take for example, you walk into a company and you slaughter the CEO and partner’s names. You are embarrassed and you flee at the soonest possible chance. This is the perfect chance, after all facial redness subsides, to take a step back and evaluate what just happened. Here is just an example of how to evaluate your faux pas:

  1. Take a chance to figure out what exactly just happened. Chances are you’re just embarrassed and glad you made it out alive with your portfolio still in tact. Use this time to decompress, overview and evaluate.

  2. Once you’ve came to your final conclusion of what-the-heck-happened, think about what you could have done differently. Think critically and seriously. In order to make sweet lemonade, you must first take a part those sour lemons.

  3. Final step, formulate a plan for the future to best prepare yourself to avoid at the very least, the same mistake. Study that companies website till you make it your homepage. Research the CEOs and other staff to better acquaint yourself with the team, their values and what exactly this company does. Researching the organization you apply to is one of the most important steps to take.

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Adam Jorgensen

I am a current collegiate attending The University of Sioux Falls. Pursuing a degree in Project Management and Marketing, I aspire to be a successful account service coordinator specializing in making stuff happen. I truly enjoy seeing goals get reached. I would love to be able to see something produced and say, “Hey, we did that!”