Can We Talk?

With twitter, texts, IM, pings, chats and more, it’s easy not to have a face-to-face conversation anymore. But, there are some things that have to be said in person – even if it’s hard and uncomfortable.

If you have an issue with a co-worker or boss, the first step is to talk with them, in person, directly about the issue. Make sure the conversation is about work process, product, and how it affects your productivity—not a personal attack.

When someone takes the time and is concerned enough to have a conversation, especially one that is difficult, chances are the person on the other end will appreciate it. It is all too tempting to talk to other co-workers about your frustrations, but that doesn’t resolve the issue, and it creates a toxic environment.

Prepare yourself for the conversation by talking with someone you trust or a mentor about your concerns and how best to frame the conversation. Getting that unbiased perspective is important and will help you feel more confident and comfortable going into the conversation!

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Melissa Gamble

My career started - long enough ago - crossed 3 industries, organizations large and small, run across about every type of leader and co-worker out there. And here's what I've learned.

Recovered attorney, former Director of Fashion for the City of Chicago, Melissa currently works as a Lecturer, Internship + External Affairs Coordinator for the Fashion Studies Department at Columbia College Chicago.