Careers in Social Media: Join Speakers from Google, Geico, Ogilvy, and More!

Social media jobs are among the top 10 fastest-growing careers in the United States, and for good reason: networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have been community-building and marketing powerhouses for nonprofits, small businesses, and corporations alike. As employers realize this, they’ve been hiring students to fill internships and entry-level positions in social media–who better to take these jobs than Gen Y-ers?

Are you prepared to start a career in social media? What kind of jobs exist across the different networks, anyway? Answer these questions and more during our event, “How to Become a Rock Star Social Media Professional“! Join our panel of experts and get a head start on the pertinent topics:

  • What companies look for in a digital marketer
  • How to manage your online presence for recruiters and hiring managers
  • How to use social media to apply for jobs
  • What roles exist and what they entail, from community management to content creation

Event Details

Expert Speakers:

  • Nando Rodriguez and Charlene Narcelles, Senior Social Media Recruiter for North America and Talent Acquisition Manager for North America at Olgivy and Mather and co-founders of InterviewingU
  • Amanda Pirtle and Emily Cloud, Director of University Relations and Marketing Associate, Nestle Purina
  • Will Houghteling, Education and Community Partnerships Lead, Google+
  • Thomas Knoll, CEO of ClippPR, former Community Architect at Zappos


Wednesday, May 1st at 3 pm PST

How to Participate:

Join our Google+ event here!

After the event, you’ll gain access to a list of companies participating in “Kill the Cover Letter.” These employers want to hear from–and hire!–you, but only through social media. Stop reworking that tired cover letter and start brainstorming 140 characters to get you hired!

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