Choose Your Roommate Wisely

Home sweet home is something we all strive for. That may be defined by coming home to the sweet smell of your favorite scent, warm coffee or perhaps, that illusive tote full of laundry you put off all week. These scents may all tie into exactly what lifestyle you would like to lead. Choosing the right housemate, or perhaps no housemate at all is crucial in finding your prized home sweet home.

There are many reasons to consider a roommate. For example, financially it is easier splitting bills, this also splits the headaches trying to remember when the electric, Netflix, rent, water and garbage is due. Not to mention other worries that wreak havoc on your psyche. Roommates are great ways to split up chores, groceries and costs for other things like microwaves and toasters: two major life saving appliances for your 21st century collegiate.

Considerations? On the positive side a roommate or perhaps, roommates can help save money and help alleviate some additional stresses in each others lives. On the more pessimistic side of things, roommates can add stress into each others lives if not chosen wisely. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a partner in your new humble abode:

  • One, do you have boundaries and can this roommate accept them?

  • On the flip side, do you lack boundaries and will you be the cause of future annoyances?

  • Are you all able to share responsibilities responsibly?

  • Do you enjoy the company of others?

  • Do you share well with others?

  • Define your line on certain issues. Don’t allow yourself to get swept under the rug and share your concerns with confidence.

Keep in mind that your best friend may not be your best roommate. Think about how much time you spend together and how often you may get on each other’s nerves. Does time apart do you good? Could you see yourself possibly sharing a bathroom with this person and not wanting to rip out every follicle of hair on your head?

Don’t be afraid to lay out how you would like things to run in your shared home, but be open to change, and be willing to compromise. However, if you see yourself living happier alone, there is no problem to that. Life is a journey and if you best trek it alone, so be it!


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Adam Jorgensen

I am a current collegiate attending The University of Sioux Falls. Pursuing a degree in Project Management and Marketing, I aspire to be a successful account service coordinator specializing in making stuff happen. I truly enjoy seeing goals get reached. I would love to be able to see something produced and say, “Hey, we did that!”