How to Choose a Career You LOVE!

I-love-my-job-businessmanIn a study conducted by Ignite, a ‘purpose-based’ firm, two thousand randomly selected employees between the ages of 23 and 28 were asked if they were interested in switching professions, and 1,571 said yes. Founder Tom McDermott argues that, “most people never go far enough in exploring and questioning what they are profoundly curious about.”

We compiled 5 tips on how to find a career you LOVE:

  1. Is this something you would do for the next 30 years? Make sure you pick the right match! Don’t create fantasies around positions, thoroughly research companies and job descriptions.
  2. Take immediate action! Start dedicating large chucks of your time to your passions. Take classes and join professional groups that will launch you closer to your dream career.
  3. “Passion is something that is cultivated.” Create your passions and find a job that you are “passionately curious” about.

  4. “It is not a question of how many hours you put in during a week of work, but about doing what you love as much as possible.” Choose a lifestyle, not a job.

  5. Sometimes our deepest passions can expire, so don’t be afraid to go back to the drawing board. If it’s not fun to go to your job or internship, start planning for something else.

Last Thoughts:  If money weren’t an issue, what would you do in life?

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