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Your Dream Internship: It's Right Around the Corner

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I am not in a situation where I can go without having a job. I have bills to pay, and as much as I’d like, they are not going to pay themselves. Since the beginning of my college career, I have known how important experience in the field is. With that field being PR, it has been even clearer that I would need to get an internship. The only problem though? Almost all internships are unpaid.


I searched and searched, but most paid internships are given to those with previous experience, and since I didn’t have any, I ended up taking an unpaid one at a local non-profit organization. I enjoyed and learned a great deal during my time there, but it also was a lot of work. Between my full-time school schedule, 30+ hours a week job, and the volunteer internship, I was drained both emotionally and physically.

The internship was completed successfully, and although I knew I had to get another one before graduation, I couldn’t handle an unpaid job twice. I started searching again, and this time came across an internship listing for a Marketing and Communications intern at another local non-profit. I submitted my resume and the next day got called in for an interview. Although I had my previous internship and plenty of writing credits to my name, I was extremely nervous and was doubtful that I would get the job. Turns out though, they loved me, because I got a call the following week announcing my offer! What is even more amazing is that the pay is $15 per hour, which is a lot more than I have ever made, at all the different jobs I have had.


Although my internship isn’t completed yet, I am extremely happy so far. I was not only welcomed with open arms, but the pay is an even bigger motivator to do a successful job. I was lucky enough to find a paid internship in thefield I eventually want to go in, but I also know the struggle of finding one. If a year ago I was told that I would be where I am today, I would have laughed and shrugged it off. For those out there like the old me, keep your head up and keep looking, because your dream internship is just around the corner.


About the Author
Tara Davis-Scholle is a senior at William Paterson University of New Jersey where she is majoring in Psychology and minoring in English Writing. When she isn’t writing for USA Today or Her Campus, she is keeping up with her blog, Life. Or Something Like It. In her free time, Tara loves to travel and go to the Jersey Shore.


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