Education Data, Avocados, and Our New API Directory

This is a guest post from Noodle Education, a life-long education related search company by the founder of The Princeton Review.


What is an API?

You might have heard the term “API” tossed around and wondered what it meant, and how it affects you. API, or “application program interface,” is a set of programming instructions which allows developers to access web tools created by other software companies. APIs, know it or not, dictate your web experience. You can, for example, tweet or “like” this post without ever setting foot (or finger) on Twitter or Facebook.

APIs are also huge forces in education, since shared data allows educators, institutions, and the government to better serve students. Read the full post on “Education Data, Avocados, and Our New API Directory” at Noodle Education to find out what APIs have in common with avocados (we know you’re curious!), and what APIs are available for educators to take advantage of.

Photo Credit: Yutaka Tsutano via Compfight cc

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