An Entrepreneur’s Not-so-Straight Path to Success(ish)

How do entrepreneurs come up with their startup ideas? How many tries does it take before they make it big? Clearly there is no perfect formula, but if Steve Jobs taught us anything it’s that a linear path isn’t necessary to achieve success.

Today we’re featuring one such non-linear path. It’s a story from Mo, founder of Sidewalk, a business intelligence tool that helps companies close more sales to SMBs.

Mo originally worked at Lehman Brothers before having a partial psychotic break, quitting his job, and moving to Argentina. There he attempted everything from an OpenTable-like site to a dating app á la Tinder.

His story outlines the unpredictable ways that experiences lead into one another, hinting at yet another Steve Job-ism: “You cannot connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards.” Read his full article here.

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Zoe Schiffer