Fashion in the Workplace: Intern Edition

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, finding the appropriate office attire when you’re an intern can sometimes be a challenge. Being surrounded by adults who have been doing this for much longer, there is definitely some pressure. If you’re a guy, you have a little less stress than girls. A good idea is to look at whether other guys around you are wearing ties or not. If so, then pair your tie with a nice button up, some pants, and a blazer. If not, then you can probably afford to go with just dress pants and a button up.


Trying to dress up for work as a girl is a little more time consuming, though roughly the same guidelines apply to guys as well. Look around your office and see what everyone else is wearing. If everyone is in pants and a jacket, then go with that and add a colorful top, watch or necklace. The fact that girls have the opportunity to accessorize makes all the difference if they want to glam up a boring outfit. If you see co-workers dressing more casual with leggings or cardigans, then it’s a sign to dress more laid back.

One important rule for both guys and girls is to wear good shoes. It is not stressed enough how crucial this is. Shoes put together an entire outfit, and many times it’s worth it to spend more money on a good pair that will last you a while. Imagine a guy wearing a really nice suit to work but then you look down and he is wearing a pair of really beat up Sperrys, it takes away from the entire ensemble. Or even for girls…imagine a girl with a really nice dress and blazer, but then old and worn out flats. It’s not ever a good look.

The last thing to keep in mind for both guys and girls is the company culture. If the company you are interning for has more of a chill environment, and you see your boss and co-workers wearing jeans, then it’s probably ok for you to do that as well. However if you’re at a corporate company and everyone is dressed very seriously, then that’s what you should follow. Either way, be mindful and observant. Getting a feel for the vibe at your company will go a long way when trying to pick out what to wear.

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