Goodbye InternMatch, Hello Looksharp!

Today’s the day! We made the move to our new home at For anyone who has been following us for the past few months, this should come as no surprise. We’ve been talking about this change for awhile now. But for those of you who’ve missed it or simply want a recap, here are answers to the some of the most common questions we’ve been getting about the change.

Why Change the Name at All?

With millions of students and thousands of employers on InternMatch why change anything at all? This is the #1 question we get and it’s definitely a good place to start.

The truth is that just like you, we are growing. In 2008, we founded InternMatch after Andrew (our CEO) and I both dealt with the challenge of finding internships in college. We realized that most online resources were clunky and most offline resources, like career fairs, were limited in terms of the types of companies we could choose from. We started as an internship only website with a focus on non-profit and startup positions. Our first match happened when I directly introduced a University of Washington student I met during a presentation on campus with a non-profit partner who was one of our first employers to post on our website.

Since then, Looksharp has become the largest internship and job website in the US. In 2012 we expanded beyond internships and now have over 20,000 entry-level jobs on Looksharp. Today roughly 20% of our users are 1-2 years out of school and looking to take that next step in their careers with an entry-level job that they love.

Along with the types of positions we now offer, our product and vision has expanded as well. The “Looksharp Profile” has become one of the most popular professional portfolios for students in the US and a powerful compliment to any paper resume. The “Looksharp Blog,” managed by our amazing blog manager Juliana Moxley, now has 1,000s of articles detailing the process and best practices for finding a job or internship, and is routinely cited as the top career advice resources for students.

The new name, Looksharp, encompasses everything we do now, but it’s not the end. In the next few months you’ll be hearing more from us as we roll out new innovations dedicated to making your career path as seamless and fun as possible.

Thinking back to where we started, we got a bit nostalgic. Here is a timeline that gives you a visual summary of how we got from InternMatch in 2008 to Looksharp today:


What Does This Change Mean for Me?

Not a whole lot. As we mentioned before you should already have noticed emails coming from Looksharp and the new branding across our site. If you have us booked marked in your browser before as InternMatch be sure to update this to Looksharp.

Otherwise just expect more of the same great job seeking content, campus events and advice that we have always provided.

Last but not least we wanted to thank all of you–students, universities, and employers for the continued support, feedback and love over the past 6 years. We get more than one email every day from a student who found their first job or internship on Looksharp and it is hard to express how much fun it is to be a part of that.

If you don’t already be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to be the first to get new updates.

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Nathan Parcells

Nathan is VP of Marketing at Looksharp and has helped the site grow to over 10 million students and 30,000 employers. He has written for Forbes, HuffingtonPost, VentureBeat and more on how to get hired out of school. Nathan loves working with students to figure out their ideal career path.

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