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Hey, You Have to Start Somewhere!

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Can I do this? Am I qualified for this job? Would I even get an interview?

Needless to say, I use to be a little timid and unsure of myself. These are questions that would go through my head before I was able to bundle up enough courage to apply for an internship. I always knew I wanted to do something great, but I didn’t know how or where to start.

I am from the land of palm trees and endless beaches, Orange County, California. Being so close to Los Angeles, everyone knows someone in the entertainment industry. I, myself do not. I have always wanted to be a broadcast journalist, but not just any reporter. I want to be the “A List” reporter, the reporter who tells all, and uncovers hidden details. But I didn’t know the steps I needed to take to get there.

When I began to apply for internships, I knew I had to set my resume apart. I needed a competitive resume, a lot of experience, and most of all to show my passion for journalism. After applying to a ton of internships, I got called in for an interview at Amsel, Eisenstadt, Frazier Talent Agency (which is now called Amsel, Eisenstadt, Frazier & Hinojosa Talent Agency).  I was so excited! This was my first internship interview and I knew I had to make sure I got it.

As I was mentally preparing for my interview, I kept saying to myself “you can do it, you are going to do it, and you will do it.” Now, the drive from Orange County to Los Angeles is about forty minutes, but with typical L.A. traffic it took two hours. So, I had plenty of time to think about what I was getting myself into on the drive up. This was not good. I was overthinking and freaking myself out about how the interview might go. I wanted this internship so bad it literally hurt.

When I arrived for the interview and was sitting in the waiting area ready to get called back, I was once again—overthinking things. My hands got clammy and I swear I could have been hyperventilating. When I finally got called in, and began my interview my nerves actually went away. It was time to get down to business. Everyone was extremely nice and it was actually a welcoming environment, which was not what I was expecting (I guess I shouldn’t have watched the movie The Devil Wears Prada before an interview). Right after the interview, I was offered the job! I was extremely happy for two reasons. First, I landed a great internship and secondly, I did not have to wait the standard week to be told if I did or did not receive it.

This was an absolutely amazing experience for me, I was able to learn valuable skills, network and connect with people I would have never had the opportunity too. I handled script coverage, emailed pitches and dealt with internationally known actors. Most of all, I was able to build my confidence. I learned how to talk to people in a professional environment and believe in myself.

After my internship was over, I was able to go on and get other internships, which have helped me further advance my skills. I have transferred to Temple University in Philadelphia (Go Owls) where I am majoring in Journalism. I always hear “it’s about who you know,” and I would think to myself, oh gosh! I don’t know anyone in this field, but then I remember I have met some great people at my internship. But I also hear “you have to make your own luck,” and that’s what I have been doing and will continue to do.

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About the Author:

My name is Ashley Hart, I am from Orange County, California and go to school at Temple University in Philadelphia. I am currently a junior majoring in Journalism. As a dancer of thirteen years, I absolutely love the entertainment industry. Aside from the industry, I am adamant about animal rights. Feel free to follow me on Instagram at its__ashleeey and Twitter @AshleHart.

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