How to Use the Holiday Break to Land a Summer Internship

If you don’t already have a game plan for your summer internship search in the spring, the holiday break is the perfect time to start thinking about it! The four week break leaves you lots of time to do activities that will boost your resume and make you a better candidate when it comes to apply to jobs.

While vegging out on the couch and watching reruns may seem like an enticing option, the key to landing a summer internship is to plan ahead. Small steps like these can really help in the long run so you’re not scrambling to get your resumes in order come spring. Here are a few easy steps to help get you ahead of the game.

Get a Job or Externship

Experience is the best thing you can do for your experience. Short term externship experiences show dedication and interest in your field, which an employer will recognize. If internships or externships are not an option, getting a job is alway a good idea as it shows you are hard working and making money isn’t so bad either!

Start Your Resumes Now.

When it comes time to submit your resumes and cover letters to employers in February, you are going to have your hands full with mid-semester projects, midterms, and essays. Do yourself a favor and get on top of this while you can. By starting now, you have the time and freedom to get creative with your resumes and customize them for each internship you apply to.

Learn a New Skill.

Next to building your experience, the best thing you can do to boost your resume is learn new skills applicable to jobs you are applying for! Employers admire applicants that are already trained on programs and software, which gives you a competitive edge in the application process. Learning new skills can mean taking an online course in coding, taking an Excel or Salesforce class at a community college, or learning a new language.

The main purpose of your break is to relax and take a break from school, but in your free time consider swapping our your TV remote for a book. Theses are all easy steps to help you get ahead and land you the internship of your dreams. Having a solid plan and structure during your job search will reduce the stress and prevent you from scrambling at the last minute. Come February you will be glad you did.

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Sara Von Dohren

Sara is a Junior Psychology Major at the University of San Francisco. She enjoys the San Francisco fog, yoga, good conversation, and all things Fall except pumpkin spice lattes. Find her on instagram at @_saraashley.