Intern With NBA Stars: Blake Griffin & Andre Iguodala


Wouldn’t it be great to intern side-by-side with a star athlete or have a star athlete interning for your company? How about one of the top NBA players like Blake Griffin, former NBA rookie of the year and reigning NBA slam-dunk champion, or how about the 76ers guard Andre Iguodala? Well, due to the NBA lockout, this is YOUR chance.

With the NBA lockout still in full effect and no glimpse of a 2011-2012 season, more and more NBA players are quickly finding interesting work, and it happens to be as interns. Last week, Iguodala told Yahoo Sports that he held a week long externship (an internship consisting of job shadowing for a short period of time) with Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Always having an interest in finance, Iguodala spent his week visiting the New York Stock Exchange while shadowing one of the company’s venture capitalists. Think he’s trying to uncover the top investment strategies in case the NBA locked out forever? I wouldn’t blame him…

On the less serious side, Blake Griffin recently held an internship with and had an intern salary of $0.00… rough huh? Check out this video of his first day on the team as a star intern.

Photo Credit: *sean via Compfight cc

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