InternMatch Announces 2014 Top 10 Companies to Work For

Goliath-National-Bank-internshipInternMatch just completed a survey of over 10 million students to find the top companies that millennials want to work at.  Spanning industries from government to nuclear power, InternMatch’s survey proves that the most exciting companies for young people are those that go above and beyond in the areas of perks and office culture.

Want to play with military grade rockets? Ever dreamed of spending your workday while sitting on a double decker couch?  Want to drink top-shelf whiskey while working on covert operations? These are just a few of the perks found at the top ranked companies on our list.

InternMatch’s new survey proves once and for all that what matters most to students during an internship is not the kinds of projects they get to work on or the professional development opportunities available, but how much fun they can have while on the job.

Without further ado here is InternMatch 2014 Top 10 Companies to work for:

  1. Goliath National Bank.  GNB offers interns the ability to make an ass ton of money, while being deeply involved in both finance and international politics.
  2. Octan Corporation. The compensation is awesome. The coffee is awesome. The office building is awesome. This internship is awesome.
  3. Frank Underwood’s Office. Plenty of opportunities for advancement.
  4. Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Springfield Nuclear has office hammocks, extensive work from home policies and a high margin for error while on the job.
  5. Mars Investigations.  Help solve mysteries. Projects include stake outs and all kinds of unusual experience you won’t get anywhere else.
  6. Sterling Cooper and Partners.  Working at one of the most elite ad agencies in the country involves its fair share of fun. Great typists, great bourbon, and challenging deadlines.
  7. Stark Enterprises. CEO Tony Stark is a genius. To get this internship you will need to be one too. But if you do get it, expect to spend a good amount of your summer test piloting some of the most innovative new weaponry not yet released to the US government.
  8. ISIS. One of the most secretive spy agencies in the world. CEO, Mallory Archer, is notoriously frugal meaning that interns to run a huge portion of ISIS’ covert operations and missions. This is a fantastic opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a spy agency, learn how to fire handguns, and much more.
  9. Fangtasia. Internships at one of the hottest nightclubs in the country, provide hard work, entertainment, and compensation.
  10. Heisenberg Chemical. Science used for a higher cause.

All of these companies are open for applications on InternMatch, with deadlines that expire today. Apply now to land some of these top internships!

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