InternMatch is Now PetMatch!

Over the past four years we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of students find internships and start their career on the right foot.  However, our goal with InternMatch has always been to be much bigger then the job space and to truly redefine the college experience.  Nothing is more critical to the college experience than building lifelong connections, and that’s why we couldn’t be more excited to announce that starting next month on May 15th, we are switching our focus from internships and re-branding as!

Check out PetMatch Beta here!

The Lightbulb Moment

Three months ago, we had a classic light bulb moment.

In a survey to a few hundred thousand students, a large percent said they would prefer to work in an office with pets.  It was immediately obvious that students like pets.  That said, few have them.  The question was why.

Currently, no site exists to help students navigate which pets are the right ones for them.  For example, if you are a freshman and still living in a dorm, you probably want something small and easily concealable like a turtle (or, if possible, a chameleon).  On the other hand, what happens if you attend a coastal university like UC Santa Barbara?  A whole new slew of coastal pet options opens up from manatee to squid!

The pet finding industry really hasn’t changed since the pet store, so we are thrilled that we can bring an innovative new approach to finding pets and disrupt this industry.

Technology and PetMatching

The most exciting thing about this new change is that all the work we did building InternMatch will not go to waste.  The site design will remain similar (see screenshot) but instead of searching through tedious internship descriptions, you will be treated to photo rich listings of pets.

The millions of data points we have on student searches and internship search preferences will easily transfer over to selecting the ideal pet (potentially even one you never knew about).  Have you spent the last year searching for Wall Street jobs on InternMatch? Cool–then a regal bloodhound is almost certain to be the best fit for you.

Get Started Today!

We are excited to share that PetMatch beta is already out the door.  Feel free to do your first pet search today by clicking below!

Get Started

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Nathan Parcells

Nathan is VP of Marketing at Looksharp and has helped the site grow to over 10 million students and 30,000 employers. He has written for Forbes, HuffingtonPost, VentureBeat and more on how to get hired out of school. Nathan loves working with students to figure out their ideal career path.

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    April Foolz ~~~~

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    That would be awful for me… I’m counting on you guys being around next year when I’m a senior!

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    Good one! The internships were like pets, so this seems legit. Happy April 1st to you too!

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    I guess Marcell would be the best fit for me. Adopted!