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InternMatch Launches Career Communities to Help Students Navigate the Internship and First-Job Process

SeekingAnswersEver wondered what the differences are between an internship at Google and one at Facebook?  Ever wondered if your “C” in Intro to Finance will stop you from getting that coveted Morgan Stanley internship?  Ever wanted to know what the first week on the job looks like for a newly hired Amazon sales rep?

If so welcome to InternMatch Communities!  The newest section of our site allows you to easily ask your most pressing internship questions and get answers from peers and experts around the country.

No Wrong Questions

In a recent InternMatch survey we found that 57% of students change their career after their first internship.  The fact of the matter is that landing an internship is only half the battle.  Some of the biggest challenges come from understanding an industry, the minor differences between companies, and how to begin exploring these fields in your classes and extracurriculars.  Traditionally, getting access to this information has been very hard with answers scattered across the web and amongst friends.  Now it is as easy as asking a question on InternMatch Communities.

Share Your Insights

The new Communities is also a place for you to share.  We are amazed every day hearing from students who found their first ever internship with a Tweet or who got a job at Facebook after winning a Hack-a-thon despite a less than stellar GPA.  These stories help inspire other students.  InternMatch communities are open and available for all students to participate, respond and help peers navigate the sometimes-rocky internship waters and onwards into amazing new territory.

Get Started

To begin engaging, check out our new Communities here.

There are sections where you can ask questions by industry (technology, I-Banking, Advertising, and more)  and sections to share info about cities where you are interning (New York, Houston, SF, and more).

There are also general sections to receive help on everything from resume advice to the application.

Any categories, cities or industries you’d like us to add?  Please let us know in the comments below!

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