Internship Spotlight: Grantoo


Got game? This means you’re the life of the party! You’re also convinced that you could have built Rome in a day. And, you’re a do-gooder with TOMS to prove it!

Sound like you?

Then Grantoo – a hot, new San Francisco-based social gaming startup – wants you! They’re looking for over 30 ROCKSTAR Marketing Interns to represent their startup across college campuses!

Students selected for this internship should be prepared to reach out to influencers on their college campus, create and manage interactive Facebook pages, pitch and publish articles in their college newspaper, create blog content and most importantly – students should be eager to make a positive change in the world (really)!

Wondering what’s in it for you?

The opportunity to work at a dynamic startup, an awesome recommendation letter and the chance to earn a $5000 educational grant!

If you’re fluent in social media, creative and quick on your feet, then get ready to prove your game by answering these 3 simple questions:

1) What is the most creative way that you plan to advertise to our organization? (short answer)
2) What is a charity that you would like Grantoo to give to? Why? (short answer)
3) Attach a link to your favorite YouTube or Vimeo video. If it’s kittens, it needs to change our world.

Future marketing gurus should apply here.

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Nathan Parcells

Nathan is VP of Marketing at Looksharp and has helped the site grow to over 10 million students and 30,000 employers. He has written for Forbes, HuffingtonPost, VentureBeat and more on how to get hired out of school. Nathan loves working with students to figure out their ideal career path.

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