Interview Attire: Dos and Don’ts

Interview Attire: Do’s and Don’ts

Like any future business professional to be, you will run across several troubles when deciding what to wear for an interview. As with any other decision in your career, this should not be taken lightly. First impressions begin with your looks, followed by how you carry yourself in conversation.

You may ask yourself:

  • Should I stand out, wear this colorful shirt and make a statement?
  • Should I dress clean, neat and professional?
  • Will they take me seriously if I don’t wear a blazer?
  • Does this make my butt look too big?
  • Does this color make me look too young?

All are questions fitting of your typical nervous interviewee. However, do not fret with such questions or woe. Don’t get yourself bogged down with typical worries such as; “what will they think?” Present yourself with professionalism and confidence, in order to increase your odds of landing a job. Throw your worries aside of trying to outfit yourself in the latest Calvin, Louis or Coco. Chances are, being a college student, you won’t be able to afford such fabulous clothing. Use your strong courageous attitude to rock that thrift store jacket and button up you’ve had for years. It also wouldn’t hurt to iron that bad boy.

Blazer or not to blazer? That is the question. Keeping in mind that you are not guaranteed any position you are applying for, regardless of who you may know. Appearance as well as attitude is an integral part of any interview. If you look like you want the job, then act like it. Odds are you are in the running for any position. If you come in acting as if you are entitled, get ready for the ever dreaded, “We went with someone more qualified” or “Thank you for your interest but we are seeking other applicants” email.

Truly talented, driven and hardworking employees are hard to come by. Make it known that you mean business, and your interviewer will notice. Let your resume get you in the door then allow your rockin’ personality rope them in.

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Adam Jorgensen

I am a current collegiate attending The University of Sioux Falls. Pursuing a degree in Project Management and Marketing, I aspire to be a successful account service coordinator specializing in making stuff happen. I truly enjoy seeing goals get reached. I would love to be able to see something produced and say, “Hey, we did that!”