Job Hunt: The Post-Graduation Dilemma


Graduating college can mean different things to different people. For some it means launching headfirst into the job they’ve had linedup since October, for others it means getting cut off from their parents and searching desperately for work. In the interim between graduation and full-time work there are 3 things every recent grad should do to become a more viable candidate to future employers:

  1. Land an Internship. Now you’re probably thinking one of two things: Either 1, you are a college graduate, you’ve interned before, over your dead body will you take an internship again. Or 2, the application/interview process is a full-time job in itself, you don’t have time to intern. As far as the first is concerned, having more experience will only help you get full-time work. Last year 61.2% of employers made full-time offers to their interns, an internship could very well be a first step in landing full-time work down the road. Secondly, if you prioritize your time correctly, come in early or stay late on days when you have an interview, you will be able to have your internship and get the full-time offer too.
  2. Ask For Referrals. Contact past employers and ask for letters of recommendation. Look on LinkedIn to see if anyone you know has a connection to the company (or companies) you’re applying to. Email professors and TA’s to see if you can take them out to coffee and ask them about the application process, they were once young professionals too and may have connections or advice that will benefit you in your job search.
  3. Leverage Social Media. Run an advanced search on Twitter to see which companies are hiring. Follow companies you’re interested in on LinkedIn to see when they have open positions. Engage with companies on Pinterest and Instagram to get familiar with the brand and be the first to know when new positions open up. More and more companies are using social media to broadcast roles, stay tuned in to social media accounts and apply early when roles open up!

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Zoe Schiffer

  • Arthur Burkart

    I’m not sure how much weight I’d give to the advice regarding professors and the application process. Many professors I know have been involved with academia their entire lives. They never entered the business world. I wouldn’t trust them with any questions beyond getting hired in academia.

    • Zoe Schiffer

      Good point. Some do have connections, however, and their referrals are generally highly regarded. When we spoke with Adam Ward from Facebook back in 2012 he said that many Facebook hires came from referrals from professors. Recruiters like to know who is top of the class!

      • Arthur Burkart

        Eenteresting. Was that in reference to partner programs like Google’s Google Ambassador program where they try to stir student interest? Or was that a general comment he made?

        • Zoe Schiffer

          General comment in reference to how students without extensive work experience can go about getting an internship or job.