It’s Not Too Late to Get a Summer Internship!

Are you counting the days to the end of your school year? For those of you on the semester system it’s likely to be coming very soon, while quarter-system students have a bit longer.

But even if you’ll soon be ditching books and backpack for the summer, it’s not too late to apply for a summer internship.  New internships are showing up every day on college online job-boards because – believe it or not – some employers leave things until the last minute, too!  If employers who post late can be matched up with students who start their search late, the result would be lots of happy people.

So rather than giving up, start your internship search now! 

But where should you start your search?  My advice to the students I see who will be staying in this area for the summer is always to start with our College’s online job-board because most postings are for our local area, and we know that many internships are not posted anywhere else.  Fewer applicants means quicker decisions! Next, I always recommend, especially for students who are not staying in the area.

Worried that you’ll be competing against hundreds of applicants?  Well, Looksharp has that covered – every posting now shows approximately how many applications for each internship have been received.  If you apply for the internships with fewer than ten applicants, you increase the odds of landing one.

Are you on LinkedIn?  Check out their internship listings as well.

Of course, finding internships you want to apply for is only the beginning.  You also have to have your résumé ready to go.  Take advantage of your college’s career center and ask one of their experts to review your résumé.  A good résumé is going to open doors, but most students need help to make their résumé good.

Don’t have time to get help from your career center?  Then check out the résumé hints on InternMatch.

If, despite being all fired up after reading this, you end up without an internship this summer, don’t despair! Often, a summer job can provide you with just as much good experience as an internship would, and will almost always be a good “résumé-builder”.  It’s all about developing transferable skills – which simply means skills that can be applied in many different jobs or internships.

So try to land that oh-so-desirable internship (before it really is too late) or find a job for the summer, but if the worst comes to the worst and you have no luck, enjoy your free time while it lasts.

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Paula Conrad

Paula Conrad is a transplanted Londoner who has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last 20 years. She is the Internship & Career Fair Coordinator at Saint Mary’s College of California. Paula serves on the Board of Directors of the California Internship and Work Experience Association (CIWEA) and her particular area of responsibility is CIWEA’s annual Bernard L. Hyink Scholarship essay contest.