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Looksharp Blog Competition — The Posts are Here!

We announced the Looksharp Blog Competition in mid-December, with the goal of getting as many students as possible to share about their summer internship experiences, so that other students could learn about the myriad of internship experiences that are out there. The results are in and with over 50 student submissions we have compiled an amazing collection of internship insights, from what it’s like to work at Tommy Hilfiger’s Amsterdam office to how to land an eight month internship at a top engineering firm. The links to all the posts are below! Please share and tweet the posts you like to give recognition to the posts you like–we’ll be announcing our own hand selected winner and runner ups on Monday!

Interning at the Worldwide Leader in Sports – ESPN By Glenn Hyams

Why I love Interning at a Startup and You Should Too By Daniel Coley

Oxford Commas and Siam Crispy Chicken By Hanna Martin

112 Things I Learned From a Summer in the Desert by Kathryn Hendricks

What I Learned Interning Abroad at a London Non-Profit By Anna Thonis

Speaking Up and Pushing My Comfort Zone with an Internship at MTV by Emily Tantuccio

4 Tips to Apply, Interview and Land Your Perfect Internship By Layne Fable

Lessons I Learned Interning at Atlantic Records By Bridget Fornaro

Rekindling My Inner Kid By Working on What I Love By Caleb Konen

12 Things That Will Become Your Best Friend When Interning for TV News by Azani Fitten

3 Unexpected Things I learned at My Internship at a Music Startup By Priscilla Tan

5 Reasons Why Virtual Internships are the Real Deal By Julie Solomon

How the Career Fair Helped Me Land My Dream Job By Thanh Tran

3 Things I Learned Interning at Tommy Hilfiger in Amsterdam By Alice Fennelly

How I Landed an 8 Month Internship at Aerodyn Engineering   and  What I Learned at My First Internship and Why You Should Get at Least One Internship ASAP By Arnold Morales

What I Learned in a 10 Week Internship in Udaipur, India   and By Nicole Vasquez

What I Learned Moving to LA for an Internship by Megan Shirley

From California to 34 Degree Weather, What I Learned Interning in DC by Emily Adsit

How My Internship Changed My Career Path By Brianna Herron

How to Make the Most of Your Internship (Blizzard Entertainment Internship) By Sonal Srivastava

Lessons Learned Outside the Classrooms (Turner Broadcasting Internship) By Brett Melnick

What 8 AM Taught Me and Other Internship Lessons By Emma Rogers

How to Seize Unexpected Opportunities and Make the Most of Your Internship by Viru Agrawal

Playing for Team Lilly By Wesley Virt

My Merchandising Internship with Rebecca Minkoff by Alexander Estes

How One Internship Can Spark Countless Possibilities by Erika Hunter

Hard Lessons Learned From My Internship Behind Bars by Meredith Ten Eich

My Internship Experience with GCC’s College Advancement Service by Chelsea Isabella

How Taking Multiple Internships Helped Me Launch My Career by Alexandra Munteanu

Where I Found the Best Six Months of ‘Work’ A College Student Can Ask For by Ameera Hammouda

Reflecting on My Legislative Internship with Speaker of the House John Boehner by Zoya Naumchik

My Internship Growing and Supporting Lacrosse in Israel By Ashley Rose Lynn

Internship Advice I Learned Working for Sports Radio by Mandie Miller

My Time as a Husker Power Intern by Diane Banderas

My Internship with Barred Owls Snakes and Newts by Nicole Sundo

The Life of a Juniper Intern by Travis Ta

Nuts About my SWA Internship! by Meghan Kahlig

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