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Looksharp Now Offers Part-Time Jobs

Ever had to say no to going out for drinks or eating off campus because you didn’t have enough cash? Missing out on fun activities during college because you’re strapped for cash isn’t fun. We’ve all been there. Looksharp has always been about helping connect students with internships and entry-level jobs, but today we’re going one step further and offering part-time jobs. 74% of students report that they have worked at least one part-time job while in college and today we’re making that process much easier.

Starting today students on Looksharp can opt-in to discover part-time jobs in their area and use their profile to apply for their next part-time gig during school. To opt-in for this service go to your Looksharp Launchpad and update your “Looking For” status in the top right corner. Check the box to include “Part-time Jobs” and you’ll start receiving a monthly newsletter of hand-picked part-time jobs near your campus. If you’re a new user on you’ll be able to opt-in to this service during the signup process.


Aside from the basics of having more cash in your pocket part-time jobs can provide a wide array of benefits. With the Fall semester starting back up for most colleges in a little over a month now is the prime time to start thinking about your next job for this semester.

Benefits of part-time jobs

Aside from the basics of having more cash in your pocket part-time jobs can provide a wide range of benefits. The benefits of part-time jobs are immense and can help you land your next internship or first job out of college. There are three specific benefits of part-time jobs that I think are the most valuable to college students:

Learning critical soft skills

Companies are looking for individuals with several soft skills that are rarely acquired inside the classroom. Taking a part-time job will teach you skills like time management, customer service, and teamwork. These skills can be hard to learn inside a classroom and taking a part-time job will help you get easily acquainted.

Make friends and cash at the same time

Some of your best friends will be the people you work with day in and day out. Taking a part-time job pads your wallet with the necessary cash to go out and party with your friends, but at the same time it creates new friendships who bond with a common goal. Students who hold down a part-time job will have more money and less limits when it comes to doing things outside of school.

Adding experience to your resume

The best part of a part-time job? Adding it to your resume. Upon graduating college employers are looking for students who are well-rounded. Being able to tackle a course load, extra activities and a part-time job show time management skills, discipline, and make for the best type of worker. Regardless of you working 10-15 hours a week it’s showing that you’re able to multitask and get your work done efficiently.

Taking on a part-time job while going to college isn’t easy, but Looksharp helps take the difficulty out of looking for the perfect opportunity while in school. We’ve cultivated a list of stellar employees that will help you grow not only personally, but professionally.
Companies like UPS are already using our new part-time job service to connect college students just like you with the best part-time jobs out there. Build your profile today!

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Blake McCammon

Blake is the Events & Marketing Manager at Looksharp. He has been in the HR Technology space for the past five years. He's a regular contributor for the Huffington Post and has written for publications such as the YFS Magazine and ReganPR. You can find him on Twitter at rblake.