Marketing Deep Dive with Paul Willard

paul willardView livestream here.

Calling all marketers, growth hackers, entrepreneurs and techies. Join us for a free online career event with Paul Willard (@webgeek_).

Paul is one of the pioneers of ‘agile marketing’ (also known as growth hacking or data-driven marketing). He has been the CMO of three different companies now valued over a billion dollars (, Atlassian, and Practice Fusion) and is a partner at Subtraction Capital a top VC firm in the Bay Area.

The conversation will cover:

-What is data-driven marketing and how is it different from other marketing approaches?

-What are some core skills every marketing student should learn and how can you learn these while in school?

-What are the top marketing channels used by successful companies today?

-Other marketing hacks that help companies grow fast.

This is a virtual event and will be live streamed on the Looksharp blog May 19th at 11 am.

The live audience will be limited to 500 students on a first come first serve basis—to save your seat click here.

We’re live! View the video here.



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Nathan Parcells

Nathan is VP of Marketing at Looksharp and has helped the site grow to over 10 million students and 30,000 employers. He has written for Forbes, HuffingtonPost, VentureBeat and more on how to get hired out of school. Nathan loves working with students to figure out their ideal career path.

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