Millennials Are Changing The World of Business and Here’s Why [Infographic]

As you graduate college and adjust to the workforce, it will not be uncommon for others to have lots to say about you as a millennial. Summing up a whole generation is rather difficult but   Goldman Sachs    lays it out quite clearly in this enticing infographic.

While millennials are often described as careless with their money, they’re moving toward a time in their life where spending is at an all-time high. Companies have begun to study and analyze  their behaviors even more closely  than before. There is no denying that millennials are changing the game and if you are one then it’s about time you learned exactly why. Check out the Goldman Sachs infographic   here!

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Sara Von Dohren

Sara is a Junior Psychology Major at the University of San Francisco. She enjoys the San Francisco fog, yoga, good conversation, and all things Fall except pumpkin spice lattes. Find her on instagram at @_saraashley.