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It Is Never Too Early To Speak Out At An Internship

In my experiences of talking to employers and supervisors, I have started to learn to speak out in regard to what I want from the internship experience. In letting the interviewer know what I specifically want to do in the future, it will help me and the interviewer determine whether or not the internship is right for me. If someone asks me for tips on an interview day, I will say “just speak for yourself and don’t elaborate on things in order to please the employer“. In the long run, this will help you determine what you REALLY WANT in life.

Stop worry and second guessing yourself. This is what I say to people when they are nervous about talking to employers and supervisors. Sometimes in life, you are too afraid to take initiative and to talk to your boss about the possibility of starting a new project. Why? You feel intimated when your boss tells you that it is not going to work. So? If I were you, I would initiate the conversation anyway. Through your mistakes and experiences, you will actually learn more about your true desires and broaden your already existing skill set, simply from asking. In other words, “Just do it”!

Employers and supervisors may not know what you want and may even forget what you want, so you need to take action. It is up to you to make the change and to pave the life that you want in the work field.

You may say that this sounds easy but doing so can prove quite difficult. We’ve all been there; the overwhelming butterflies and tense hands, all encompassed by an overbearing feeling of tight anxiety. However overcoming this weakness and challenging yourself is a simple part of life, one that we must all strive to overcome. As part of all successful people, we should continue to strive and to achieve greatness both in and out of the workforce.

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Sherry Zou

My name is Sherry Zou and I am currently studying experimental psychology at Saint John’s University located at Jamaica, New York. My career goal is to become a clinical psychologist with an emphasis of treating children and adolescents with psychiatric disorders.