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New Internship Spotlight: Nestle Purina is Searching for Dynamic Interns

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A new school year is just around the corner and we’re excited to resume our weekly Internship Spotlight to keep you up-to-date on awesome companies, cool internship programs and amazing internship positions! We’re kicking off our first Spotlight of the season with Nestle Purina – a global leader in pet products and one of Fortune Magazines “Most Admired Food Companies.”

puppiesIt takes a village to create the nutritious products that keep our pets happy and healthy, which is why Nestle Purina is looking for a few dynamic students to join their internship program next summer. Whether you’re studying computer science, business, marketing or psychology, there are plenty of positions to choose from. (Check out this app to find out which position is the perfect fit for you.) Nestle Purina cares about your professional development and interns can expect to develop valuable job skills in their program area, like learning the logistics of supply chain management to assisting in the planning of an internal audit review.

With a dynamic “Flash Mob”
video to prove it, Nestle Purina also boasts an exciting work culture and there’s no shortage of great perks. All internships are compensated and interns may have access to mentorship and networking opportunities, dog parks for canine friends and housing assistance.

Click here
to check out Nestle Purina’s Campus Hub and available internship positions.

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