Pinchit: An Internship for Tastemakers


Do you know where to find the best used bookstores in your city or which sushi spot makes the best spider roll? What about food trucks: got tips on the best chicken tikka masala on this side of the Pacific?

Then check out Pinchit – a new city-discovery site that ranks your favorite spots around town (like, the best sliders in the city) — because they need a few tastemakers to join their team for an Editorial or Copywriting Internship.

Students interested in either of these jobs should be excited about discovering the city of San Francisco, comfortable working independently, and have stellar grammar and editorial skills (bonus points if you’re enthusiastic about social media and startups). Hopefully you have a good appetite and a trusty pair of walking shoes because the typical day for an intern might include checking out San Fran’s hottest thrift stores, taste testing burritos, or writing and publishing articles for the web.

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