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Your Purpose as an Intern

There may be some confusion with what exactly an intern does. Everyone knows the stereotypical horror stories of simply fetching coffees all day or doing random assignments that just-so-happened to be excluded from the job-description. So what is the answer to the all important, “why am I here?” question?

Answer: Your purpose as an intern is to help improve the company.

As a fresh new face, this is the perfect opportunity to really showcase your skills to the company. The company that you are working for found something outstanding in your resume; so prove it! Utilize those skills that you consider your strong suit and contribute to the company.

You may be a new intern but you certainly are not the first. This means that the company already expects you to perform certain jobs.

So how do you stand out and improve the company?

Go above and beyond what you are expected. Improve your position. That is your purpose isn’t it?  Find more efficient and more effective ways to do your position. Do not be afraid to ask questions–they will ultimately lead you to finding the most effective way to perform your tasks.

Just because you are an intern does not mean that you are unimportant to the company. You have new ideas and new perspectives that can sometimes be overlooked. So make them known. Companies will be impressed when they see this type of work ethic.

This is your opportunity to make a lasting impression on the company so you have to make the most of it. If a company appreciates your contribution and work ethic as an intern, you can only imagine how they can later see you as an actual employee within the company.

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