RECESS and NowThis Present ‘Office Hours’ and Their Interview with Looksharp’s Co-Founder

This week’s RECESS content features Andrew Maguire, Looksharp’s Co-Founder, at Virginia Tech University.

Part 1

Getting your foot in the door in an industry where you don’t have prior experience or knowledge can be challenging. In that situation, Maguire said the most important thing was to surround yourself with people who know more than you do. Watch the video to get a glimpse of how he began in the startup world.


Part 2

Getting a startup company off the ground and running can be costly. One thing Maguire suggests you don’t do: ask your relatives to be investors.


Part 3

In the early days of business, Maguire used a car as a conference room to speak to investors via telephone. Watch the video to see how his company began to evolve into what it is today.


Part 4

Networking and building trust with not only investors but anyone who could potentially be interested in your business is important when developing a startup. Maguire gives tips on how you can become an entrepreneur, too.

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