RECESS & NowThis present Office Hours: The Chainsmokers edition

Video 1

RECESS and NowThis sat down with the Chainsmokers at Virginia Tech University to discuss how you can pursue your dreams, working hard for what you want and intern life. The first video features Andrew Taggart of the Chainsmokers. He talks about what he went to college for, how he was inspired by Ari Gold from Entourage and his experience as an intern for Interscope.


Video 2

Alex Pall from the Chainsmokers talks about how he left his job to pursue his music career.


Video 3

The Chainsmokers talk about how their hit song, “Selfie,” sparked female empowerment in the Middle East and became an inspiration for women in that area to express themselves by taking “selfies.”


Video 4

Alex and Andrew talk about the gift and curse of having a one hit wonder and the follow-up that artists need to make once their new song goes viral.

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