RECESS & NowThis Present Office Hours with Chip Conley

This week’s RECESS & NowThis content takes place at Georgetown University and features Chip Conley, Co-Founder of FEST300 and the Global Head of Hospitality at Airbnb. Conley talks about the importance of being curious about other cultures, finding your purpose and how to gain confidence.

Video 1

This first video focuses on how musical festivals, which have become very popular in present years, are a way to explore other cultures.


Video 2

Conley explains how to find your purpose when you’re picking your first job. There are three relationships that you can have with your work, which is either a job, career or a calling, according to Conley. He said you know when you’ve found your calling because it’s something that makes you lose track of time while you’re doing it.


Video 3

Conley, a fan of music festivals, believes they can be transformative for people. He recalls one time when he referred two of his friends to a tango festival in Buenos Aires to help recover the troubles in their marriage.


Video 4

Conley took one of his friends, an investment banker from New York, to the Burning Man festival.  Conley said the event transformed his friend and changed him for the better.


Video 5 

According to Conley, festivals can be a method of connecting in an old school way, but  still is a way that some people prefer to connect with others.

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