RECESS & NowThis Present Office Hours with Dan MacCombie

Dan MacCombie is the star of this week’s Office Hours, presented by RECESS and NowThis. MacCombie is the Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Runa, a beverage company that sells energy boosting drinks made from natural ingredients found in the Ecuadorian Amazon.


Video 1

Emailing busy executives can be intimidating, but MacCombie shares a way to keep emails creative and capture the attention of others when you are cold emailing.


Video 2

MacCombie explains why it’s important to make each email you send personalized with questions for the receiver. Sending a generic mass email is not how to grab the receiver’s attention in a positive way.


Video 3

MacCombie talks about social entrepreneurship and the importance of conscious capitalism.


Video 4

Being an entrepreneur himself, MacCombie offers firsthand advice to others who are starting their own business. His most importance advice to entrepreneurs: do as much as you can to engage with your customers.


Video 5

MacCombie talks about getting celebrities to invest in Runa. He shares a story about how Channing Tatum became one of the investors for the beverage company.

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