RECESS & NowThis present Office Hours with Jermaine Dupri

Many people know Jermaine Dupri as being a talent in the music industry, but he is also making his mark in the tech world. RECESS & NowThis sat down with Jermaine Dupri at Emory University to discuss this new side of the business that he is immersing himself in.


Video 1

The music industry often receives criticism, and Dupri addresses that issue in this video. Check it out to see what change he thinks needs to be made.


Video 2

Social media plays a vital role in today’s world, especially with younger generations. Dupri explains how technology has made an impact on artists, such as Beyonce, Drake and Kendrick Lamar.


Video 3

Check out the third video to see Dupri’s response to a 19-year-old audience member who said  he believes he is more talented than other artists who Dupri has worked with in the past.

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