6 Resume Tips

Writing an effective and eloquent resume can be done rather simply. How, you may wonder?

Follow these tips and your resume will be the ticket to the job of your dreams:

1. First of all, forget what your professor told you about format

Keep in mind that it is crucial to stick to the rules of grammar and proper English, unless however, you are applying to be a caveman. Then stray away from conjunctions and semantics and keep on dragging those knuckles.

2. Tell them more

Employers look for beautifully crafted, easy to read copy. Know that your resume, is your story. Write witty, fun to read copy after all, your life is wonderful and needs to be told as such.

3. Don’t blend in

Stray away from vague terms, and use words like fierce and passionate. This will show employers that you are indeed, passionate about the world of whatever position you are applying for.

4. Be creative

Resume templates in Word are a thing of the past. If you truly desire a job, and it will require you to share even a shred of your creative talent, make it stand out. Human Resource professionals and CEOs are constantly reviewing resume after resume, make yours interesting, exciting. Heck, even make it smell good. Your courage to stray away from the crowd will not be ignored.

5. Don’t overdo it

Yes, it is important to be creative, unique and out of the ordinary, however there is a line between unique and overdone. Do not try to create a beautifully crafted graphically enhanced resume if the job you are applying for is in accounting.

6. Address the important people

Sending a blanket message to employers may imply that you do not know, or care to know much about their company. Despite your actual feelings, sending a message via the contact forms may imply the same message. It is important to research the company you wish to work for and address your resume and cover letter to the CEO, the General Manager, or the head of Human Resources. This will show that you are determined, detailed and ready to take on the position. It also shows that you know a bit about the company, and will give you something to talk about during the interview.

About the Author:

Who is Adam? He is a man from the Midwest with an itch to explore every unique aspect of life. Currently he is juggling school, work and a very meager social life. All the while keeping up appearances and doing his part to manage a local LGBT Non-Profit agency into a flourishing organization.

Twitter: @AdamDale5

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/adamdalejorgensen/




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Adam Jorgensen

I am a current collegiate attending The University of Sioux Falls. Pursuing a degree in Project Management and Marketing, I aspire to be a successful account service coordinator specializing in making stuff happen. I truly enjoy seeing goals get reached. I would love to be able to see something produced and say, “Hey, we did that!”

  • Anton Barrett

    Hi! Thanks for sharing awesome tips!
    Though I’d like to add being creative is great but sometimes people put too much thought in resume’s layout or its background rather than in what exactly they write in their resume.

    Anton Barrett