Root Root Root for the Home Team

Giants Baseball

10:30 AM. Peacefully quiet. Everyone in the zone. Headphones on. Most of the time it’s moments like this inside the office where our startup team feels most connected, jamming together on big challenging jobs.

Then, there’s the connectivity felt among a team outside the standard setup, or the homebase. As a part of the fast-paced startup world, a step out of the office and into a more playful environment is always a breath of fresh air that the entire team can benefit from.

Lucky for the me, the InternMatch team picked AT&T Park as a place to let loose and have some fun last Thursday night. Since my freshman year in college, I’ve become more excited about sports in general, starting with college basketball (it’s a religion for us Carolina fans) and after attending the World Cup final in Spain back in 2010, it was no surprise that soccer picked up my attention too. But Giants baseball? Not so much…

Until now.

Once we made it to the stadium, I grabbed the most expensive garlic fries I’ve ever enjoyed in my life and took a seat. Peering out, I noticed the amazing view of the Bay against the emerald grass and dusty orange of the field, which only looked dusty in comparison to the striking orange of the Giants fans that filled the stands. “I think I could get into this whole team outing thing,” I said to our Community Manager Ashley.

From that point until the last inning of the game, my first baseball game experience got better and better! High-fives all around after a Cincinnati Reds strike. Dancing to Lil’ Wayne with the other interns in an attempt to make it on the big screen cam. Bags of peanuts popped open and passed around. And of course celebrating with the whole InternMatch team after another big Giants win, 5-0 baby!

So, why didn’t anyone tell me baseball was so fun? I had the time of my life and in no way would it have been as fun with any other group of people. After working hard in the office, being treated to an authentic San Francisco tradition makes for an awesome memory for all of us to share.

As the shine of a fun night wears off and we dig ourselves into a hole of emails, marketing campaigns, and conference calls (can you guess who our CEO is to the right?), there’s always another reward to indulge in for our professional achievements around the corner. Another outing to look forward to.

Hey team, I do hear SkyScreamer at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is pretty sweet..

Photo Credit: tinou bao via Compfight cc

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