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How To Stay Energized Through The 9-5 Grind

Working 8 straight hours can be tiring, especially for the young people in the room who love sleeping in and mixing homework time with impromptu frisbee games. A corporate schedule is far different than a college schedule.

These 5 tips (brought to you from the voice of experience) can give you a leg up and boost your energy on that first day:

  1. Bring a mug
    1. There’s something about the hum of florescent lights that lulls you straight to sleep. But if the caffeine scene isn’t for you, then try to…
  2. Stand up!
    1. A growing movement of research is showing how bad sitting is for health. And personally, sitting in a desk chair feels too much like sitting in a recliner. I start nodding off after a while. So give standing a try. From cardboard boxes to stackable letter trays (like myself), you can finagle yourself your own standing desk, like these creative folks. You’ll be the coolest, most actively-working person in the office.
  3. Take breaks
    1. In college, breaks are a natural part of life. Class only lasts so long and then it’s off to the next item in your day. But in a corporate atmosphere, you’re there. All day long. The first couple days of my internship I caught myself without looking away from my computer for hours. And despite our generation’s love for binge-watching on Netflix , this is not smart. Boost your productivity by giving yourself power breaks. Use the restroom. Pick up something at the printer. Fill up your water bottle. By creating useful breaks here and there, you can maintain productivity and sanity.
  4. Sleep when everyone else sleeps.
    1. Yes. That’s right. Go to bed before midnight. That 7 AM alarm is gonna sound really ugly if you stick to your nocturnal-college schedule where the early morning hours consisted of Breaking Bad and cookie dough. It’s in your best interest to go to bed at a decent hour. Especially because now there’s no time for a nap between 1PM Calc and 3 PM British Lit.
  5. Relax
    1. Believe it or not, even the CEO of your organization had his/her first day once upon a time. Many have gone before you. With some confidence and these tips, you’re sure to survive you first 9-5 just fine.
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Carissa Collins

My name is Carissa Collins. I’m a junior at Gordon College, just north of Boston. I love writing, sunshine, and big band music. My dream job is to tweet for a living as a social media manager. But in the meantime, I’ll settle for being a professional hummus taster. Anyone accepting applications?