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  • Sky Blaylock

    Just made my submission….Excited to see others who share their stories and experiences! Thanks Intern Match, for the opportunity. BTW: I have used some of the resources within this site as references in my current class;-) I have learned so much!!!

  • Adam Jorgensen

    Just submitted my student story! I am eager to see all of the other stories. Intern Match has been extremely helpful when searching for internships and future career choices.

  • brianaokyere

    Just submitted what I hope was a successful piece of writing! So glad my friend told me about this opportunity. The irony is that I use Intern Match all the time, and I had no idea that I could submit a story on here! I hope my piece is helpful for all those job hunters out there.

  • Gabriela

    Just submitted!

  • Brittany Spear

    Just submitted! Thank you so much for this great opportunity for a chance to share my story with others, helping coming graduates with their future career and life endeavors!