Tech is the Way to Go

Are you interested in getting into the tech industry? Working in tech seems to be the current trend, but there is a reason for that. The tech industry is booming and offering more jobs to technical and non-technical majors alike. Startups are creating jobs and hiring interns which helps boost the economy. And it’s hard to ignore the amazing perks like  snack pantries, sleep pods, game rooms, and laundry service that tech companies offer.  Not sold yet? Check out the infographic below:

IM+-+Break+Into+Tech (1)

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Radha Jhatakia

  • Sky Blaylock

    Excellent infographic. I was taking notes the whole way through and had a few epiphanies along the way! Thanks for the stats, sources and ideas for my future job search. This is giving me so much hope, since graduation is right around the corner. I know how important it is to get that much needed tech OTJ experience.